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My mom died April 23, 2002. It is hard for me to say that this is a terrible thing. It is a huge loss, yes. Nonetheless, throughout my life I always felt incomplete sort of, like I was missing part of me. That hole is gone now and I believe it is filled with the positive aspects of my mom. I will miss her physical presence desperately. Still, I have her in my soul and this is a very good thing. I have more of her in death than in life. Thank you mom!

My mom loves beautiful stuff.Butterfly She loves flowers, butterflys, birds, the symphony and ballet. She is a lot of fun and we laugh a lot when we are together. She was born in Foo Chow, China.Butterfly You may wonder why she was in China when she was born. It is because her parents were missionaries there. My mom and I both wonder how I came out of her because we are so very different.Butterfly I love water, she is scared to death of it. I lovehorses, she is scared to death of them. I love motorcycles, she is scared of them too. She is a member of Rotary, PEO, the Methodist Church and the Providence Garden Club. My mom is a business woman she ownes and operates Rahn Flower Creations. She is always traveling to some forign country her last stop was Sweden, she has been to Egypt twice.Butterfly I have only been to the Bahamas, which doesn't seem like an only to me.

These are things I made that make me think of her.

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Hose Hoe Things


Red Bird
Here She Is


Roses Ruth Rahn
She has a thing for orental stuff thus,
Orental Lady
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