Water and SCUBA Links
Scuba Slang and Tech Terms this site is a result
of my subscription to Scuba-L thus, questions
and the resulting answers
Reef Education Network
information about our watery home
The Ocean Planet
from the Smithsonian Institution
a site after my own heart
Open Ocean
beautiful marine pictures taken by Mike Johnson
Jeff's Nudibranchs
here is an educational, visually enticing site
Public Aquariums
Secrets of the Ocean Realm
Discovery Channel's Blue Planet
this is PBS's offering about the ocean
there is so much good stuff I don't know what to say
Harris's Hot Links
Larry "Harris" Taylor has compiled a lot of SCUBA links
I stopped counting when I came to 377.
NewNational Geographic's Ocean
Diving Medicine On-line
everything you ever wanted to know about diving and medicine
ask questions to get an answer from a hyperbaric physician
Sea Signs
underwater Signing Communication Products and Services
She Did Dive :-)
me underwater in the Bahamas
Kingdom of the Seahorse
NewNational Geographic's Virtual Dive on the GBR
This is a really fun site it takes you diving on the Great Barrier Reef
NewOcean Portal
Monterey Bay Aquarium

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