by Jan Faust
Alone the Trumpet Fish forages in the coral

Solarian Trumpet Fish

Solitary Trumpet Fish
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I am of simplicity and solitude. Still, I have become weary of life alone. At night I lie alone in my bed aching for the embrace of another person. Yet there is no one in my life who elicits in me a feeling of contentment. The person for whom I look is not someone on who I can lean. The person I look for, it is someone to walk beside me, hold hands with and share my most inner struggles. This is not a physical need it is one of spirituality. It is not a want for anything sexual. My need is akin to the need of companionship. Still, this feeling is unmistakably skin hunger.

I am a solitarian person who is uneased by the intrusion of inconvenience in my life. Having lived alone for some twenty years fighting life's battles alone, with out the support of a companion by my side to help buffer me from the day's unsought events, I am prepared to change, ready to do some thing different, to accommodate bother. A buddy of sorts is what I hope for. Sexuality has nothing to do with what I suffer from, it is simply contact that I need.

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